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5 Ways to Release Stress

January 31, 2014
Category Well-being
yoga classes

Living in a big city make a little complicated to release stress, dealing at the same time with demanding jobs and impossible traffic jams. A good night’s sleep or a Yoga Class are excellent ways to release stress, but here are some other activities to compliment.

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Foods that Moderate your Blood Pressure

January 29, 2014
Category Nutrition
yoga classes

According to the World Health Organization, 1 out of 3 grown-ups has high-blood pressure. Our nutrition is a keystone for our life balance; it gives us health, fortifies us, and turns on the good mood. Here are some ingredients that will improve your blood pressure

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Exercise for Seniors

January 27, 2014
Category Workout

As the years go by, our physical skills diminish and we tend to avoid any kind of physical exercise. It’s quite important to have physical activities in order to reduce stress, to help you get along with your partner, or even fight depression.

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