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Getting to know the Mantras

May 28, 2014
Category Spirit
Yoga Symbols

On several times, for certain, you might have found publications or even videos on some sites that talk about these famous writings, but what really are the so-called Mantras?

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Tips to quit smoking

May 26, 2014
Category Well-being
yoga classes

Every smoker has tried at least once to quit smoking without any success. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health but many keep on going. If you can figure out what the association is, you will be closer to achieving your goal! Here are some tips to help you quit.

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Avoid Gastritis

May 22, 2014
Category Nutrition

We all know at least one person who has being afflicted by gastritis. This disease has its origins in our poor eating habits, our lack of control and overwhelming stress. Here are some ideas to fight back gastritis.

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