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Tips to quit smoking May 26, 2014

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Every smoker has tried at least once to quit smoking without any success. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health but many keep on going. Smoking is a habit and as such is associated with other activities. If you can figure out what the association is, you will be closer to achieving your goal!
1. Alcohol. Many smokers accept they want to have a cigarette when they are drinking alcohol. Size down your drinking or quit it altogether. It will make it easier to stick to your commitment.
2. Visit smoke-free places. When you are not tempted it is easier to forget your cigarette hunger. Lucky for you, the number of non-smoking places and venues is growing fast.
3. Save your cigarettes’ money. You will soon see the outstanding amount of money you used to spend on smoking. As a reward for yourself, spend it on something you have wished for a long time.
4. Cut the routine. Since smoking is a habit, changing it can and is hard, so make changes on other of your daily habits and routines; take a different route to your workplace, start a new daily activity, or change the distribution of your house. Once you start seeing changes in your life, it will be an easier journey.
5. Keep yourself busy. When you’re on the phone, hold something in your hand and keep your mind focused. Smoking is linked to holding something in your hand or having something in your mouth. Watch your movements and you will be closer to your goal.
Picture by: Isabel Bloedwater.