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Avoid Gastritis May 22, 2014

We all know at least one person who has being afflicted by gastritis. This disease has its origins in our poor eating habits, our lack of control and overwhelming stress. In previous posts we gave you advice for a restful sleep, how to fight stress, or how to detect if you have an eating disorder. So, here are some ideas to fight back gastritis.
1. Avoid coffee. Many of us drink coffee every morning making it the very first intake of our day. Coffee is a highly-irritant drink for our stomach and the worse the quality, the bigger the consequences.
2. Drink water in the morning. Make a glass of water your daily first drink. This vital liquid will activate your digestive function and allow for your breakfast to be well-digested.
3. Quit alcohol. Gastritis is the inflammation of stomach mucosa. When you drink alcohol it causes pain, nausea, and heartburn. Once you cut off alcohol, your stomach will be thankful.
4. Have a tight eating schedule. You should balance your diet and make your stomach get used to work and rest within a schedule. Gastritis starts when gastric juices harm the mucosa because you haven’t eaten in several hours.
5. Eat fruits. They are a great snack and your stomach will be thankful. Nevertheless, you should avoid citrics which are by nature, irritants. If you have the chance to eat aloe, do so. Even a small piece of pulp mixed in a homemade juice will make you recover your stomach mucosa faster.
Picture by:  jpopesku1.