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Risks of Not Sleeping Enough May 20, 2014

We usually think poor sleep will only impact in less activity during the day or feeling a little grumpy. However, lack of sleep affects our health in several ways. Sleeping well is vital to lead satisfying life.
1. Colon cancer. Some studies have concluded that lack of sleep decreases melatonin production, a DNA repair helper. When you sleep poorly on a daily basis, your chances of getting this type of cancer increases.
2. Heart diseases. Having only a few hours of sleep each day affects cortisol production, a stress-regulator hormone. When stress levels go up, it increases blood glucose levels or high-blood pressure.
3. Depression. Some polls have revealed that people who stated feeling satisfied and happy with their lifestyle also had good sleeping habits. On the other side, people with depressive tendencies all claimed to have constant lack of sleep.
4. Driving problems. Lack of sleep increases the probability of crashing. This condition provokes disorientation just as if you were drinking and driving. Some US cities have proposed legislations to treat equally people driving drunk and the ones who haven’t slept for over 24 hours.
Picture by: Ktoine.