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Foods that Moderate your Blood Pressure January 29, 2014

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Foods that Moderate your Blood Pressure


According to the World Health Organization, 1 out of 3 grown-ups has high-blood pressure. Our nutrition is a keystone for our life balance; it gives us health, fortifies us, and turns on the good mood. Here are some ingredients that will improve your blood pressure


Garlic. We know it has a strong flavor and many people dislike it, but it’s an excellent choice to regulate blood pressure. There are garlic pills available which are odourless and have the same benefits.


Lentils. A great protein source which can substitute animal protein. Remember to avoid mixing them with bacon or sausages, which only add up saturated fat to your body.


Grain salt. Although it is better to entirely eliminate salt from your diet, this is a better option than refined salt. You can also season your food with garlic or onion and lower the amount of salt you use.


Olive oil. An excellent choice to replace regular cooking oils. Your meals will taste better, you need smaller amounts to cook, it doesn’t have polyunsaturated fat, and it improves your digestion.


A glass of wine. A small glass of wine reduces allergies, improves blood circulation, and helps you deal with high-blood pressure. Remember to always drink moderately.


Picture by: quinn.anya.