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Exercise for Seniors January 27, 2014

Exercise for Seniors

As the years go by, our physical skills diminish and we tend to avoid any kind of physical exercise. It’s quite important to have physical activities in order to reduce stress, to help you get along with your partner, or even fight depression.


Sooner or later we all become seniors, so we need to incorporate more and better habits in our lives. We have to understand that our skills are not the same and that we need to exercise according to our age and capabilities.


Taking a garden walk is a great choice that doesn’t require much effort. You can do it early in the morning, and try doing it barefoot on the wet grass. Freshness will activate blood circulation putting us in a good mood that will last all day.


Swimming. A high-valued therapy for seniors with low calcium levels or who need help walking. Being in a suspended ambiance reduces weight, lowers fatigue, and avoids stressed-out ligaments.


Yoga. There are outstanding examples like master Tao Porchon-Lynch who celebrated her 95th birthday in 2013, and keeps practicing Yoga! The flexibility you gain with Yoga is priceless and will help you be in good shape for a long time.


Remember to always get the advice of an expert; he or she will help you find the best way to exercise according to your abilities and physical condition.


Picture by:  garryknight.