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Which Music Should I Listen to While Practicing Yoga? January 20, 2014

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Which Music Should I Listen to While Practicing Yoga?

Music is a great tool during a Yoga class. You can play some manthras or even contemporary music. How about a session following Bob Marley or Pink Floyd’s tracks?


Some Yoga styles suggest avoid listening to music during a session because noise distracts. However, many instructors find music improves conscious levels and help reach the desired level of concentration in a shorter period of time. Some sounds are relaxing, that’s why they are helpful. It is important to use them and in time choose the best ones for you.


There are also many record labels and artists categorized as new age music; they are artists using mantras, sounds of nature, wind instruments, and even percussions or drums in the right level to make you feel in peace.


Just remember your instructor is the right person to give you advice, so always communicate with him. Some Yoga masters are exploring the use of commercial music for their Yoga Classes, including artists like Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, or even Coldplay. Your instructor’s level of expertise will let him choose the best music for you to achieve the level of consciousness you require.


Picture by: Relaxing Music.