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Tips for a Restful Sleep January 17, 2014

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Tips for a Restful Sleep
We have talked about new ways to improve your life, and about the activities you should avoid on your quest for a healthier lifestyle. Good and restful sleeping also requires good habits; here are some tips to improve your sleep.
1. Define your sleeping hours. Remember we’re not talking about quantity, sleeping too much doesn’t mean you will rest. Having between 6 and 8 hours of sleep is highly recommended for adults over 25 years.
2. Go to bed early. If you sleep during the night, it will be more effective. If you have had a late night job, you already know that even if you sleep the same amount of hours, you don’t rest as well as when you sleep earlier.
3. Don’t sleep with the TV on. When you rest, your brain is still aware of the images and sounds of your TV. This will prevent you from completing the full cycle of sleep.
4. Keep your cell phone away. The electric waves don’t allow your brain to rest. If you keep your cell phone close (sometimes on your pillow) you will be constantly alerted with text messages, phone calls, or alarms that interfere with your sleep. If you focus on resting, you will need less time to achieve a restful sleep.
5. Have a light dinner. Choose wisely what to have for dinner. A meal with fat elements or difficult to process results in being uncomfortable during the night, which in turn leads to a poor or no rest at all for your body and mind.
6. Using pillows. There is a common thought that a cozy and thick pillow is your best option, but sometimes a firm, thin, and head-shaping pillow is better for you. Our body is constantly sending messages and you should learn how to read them.
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