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Natural Sweeteners January 22, 2014

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Natural Sweeteners

One of the most important thing is doing some research about the food we eat. We live in an innovative era with great tech breakthroughs, many of which lower production costs. The search for an alternative natural sweetener has led to consume of by-products that are not entirely good for our health.


Fructose, a low-cost sweetener used in processed foods, has been targeted in several studies as responsible for obesity. Aspartame is also a very popular ingredient in foods and beverages labeled as light; it has been pointed out that it can provoke cancer.


On the other side, there are highly recommended natural sweeteners but you should always confirm they are really natural. Stevia is taken from bush leaves and has a less sweeter flavor than cane sugar. There are plenty of studies about its effects and at some point it helps to regulate high-blood pressure and lower obesity. Agave nectar is another great sweetener, and nowadays, easier to find at your local store. It is in fact, the only natural sweetener suitable for people with diabetes. Agave nectar helps reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, besides being gluten-free.


Of course, it is always better to reduce the amount of sweeteners you take, but stevia and agave nectar are good healthy substitutes, and very easy to find.

Picture by: Lisa Brewster.