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What is the best time to practice Yoga? June 18, 2014

Yoga time
Although many suggest that the best time to practice Yoga is early in the morning, practically at the crack of dawn, or in the evening or around sunset, the truth is that you must learn to understand yourself in order to decide when the best time is for you.
An important part of practicing Yoga is precisely getting to know yourself, learning to detect your body energy changes. Your body rhythm, the change of seasons, your relationship with the sun and the moon, will all be factors that will influence your ideal moment to practice Yoga. You might be the kind that has a really hard time getting up in the morning, or maybe you can’t start your day without an hour of workout, maybe you’re a summer enthusiast or a winter lover, maybe you're a day person more than a night one. Your personal rhythm and preferences must be the most important things when deciding your best time to exercise.
Here are a few tips on choosing your ideal time of the day to practice Yoga:
- Be consistent and try to practice everyday. It must be a time in which you know you will not be bothered or you won’t have to rush away
- It is better to practice Yoga on an empty stomach. You should wait around 2 to 3 hours after a full meal, and around 1 to 2 hours after a light one
- Yoga exercises are more efficient when your body is most limber, so maybe doing them early in the morning just won’t work for you, but and afternoon or evening session will
- Many experts recommend a minimum of 10 minutes daily, but if you are going to incorporate several postures, the right breathing patterns and some time for meditation, then you will need between 15 to 25 minutes.
No matter the time of day you choose to practice Yoga, the most important thing is to be consistent. Try to do a daily routine and challenge yourself with longer sessions when your schedule allows for it. Remember, no one but yourself knows when your Yoga exercises are the most useful.
Picture by: Serpil Senger