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Choosing the best place to practice Yoga June 23, 2014

Choosing a yoga spot
Previously we have talked about what you need to start practicing Yoga and probably you already had read about some types of Yoga so you can more easily choose which one goes best with you and your lifestyle.
If you already have comfortable clothes and the accessories needed, including your Yoga Mat, it is very likely that you are wondering what is the best place for you to develop in this important ancient discipline?
Practicing Yoga requires a lot of concentration, so it is highly recommended to choose a place where you feel peaceful and in harmony with yourself. It is very important that the space you have chosen to the practice of Yoga is a place that you respect as it is a place that you will share with yourself and your body, and maybe some others.
If you choose to practice at home, make sure it is a quiet place where you will not have any distraction or interruption. Remove pictures, telephones or any type of decor that prevent you from achieving a proper focus during your postures, breathing exercises or meditation.
Some people choose to practice Yoga outdoors, and some places like beaches, gardens or nearby forests allow them to have a better interaction with nature and achieve a higher internal harmony and concentration. If you choose to practice outdoors, do not forget that you must make a greater effort to get the appropriate level of concentration, breathe properly and successfully perform your postures that can be affected by the soil type, wind, noise and other external factors we cannot control .
If you're starting in the practice of Yoga, we recommend you to assist to your first session in an institute where you will count on the supervision of a professional instructor who will orient and help you develop in this discipline, also you will avoid injury and achieve better positions.
Photo by: Matthew Ragan.