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​Tips for Looking (and Feeling) Younger December 11, 2013

Feeling Younger
Tips for Looking (and Feeling) Younger
We all have seen models, actors and actresses who seem to have found the fountain of youth. Surgery isn’t the only cause since we know that despite the passing of years they still look great. However, maintaining a great physical condition requires commitment and hard work. Here are some useful and healthy habits that can improve your life.
1. Nutrition. Food is primary to our health. Surely you have heard the popular saying “you are what you eat”, but remember that your body changes as time passes and doesn’t process vitamins and minerals as it used to. However, there are always supplements that you can add to your diet.
2. Sleep well. It means quality sleeping not oversleeping. Sleeping 14 hours doesn’t mean you will wake completely restored. Sometimes just by sleeping 7 hours, you wake up feeling ready to take up any challenge.
3. Workout. Pick up an exercise you like, according to your skills and condition. When you are into something you love, it’s easier to keep going.
4. Watch your hormones. As the years pass our body produces different amounts of hormones (at a certain age you can increase some and lower others). Stay in touch with your doctor periodically to check your hormone levels and if you can, ask for ideas and suggestions to complement them with what you eat.
Picture by: anhgemus.