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10 Foods Rich in Vitamins and Minerals December 13, 2013

Food rich in vitamins
10 Foods Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
We have already pointed out the benefits of organic food and vegetarianism, but it is also important to know which foods have higher rates of vitamins and minerals. Search the web for recipes, and make the most of each one.
1. Lentils. These legumes are a big source of iron, magnesium, potassium, and B complex vitamins, which help prevent anemia and cramps. B complex vitamins also improve your skin and avoid dermatitis and scaly lips.
2. Milk and dairy. If you choose a vegetarian diet with the option of having eggs and milk, we remind you that dairy products are rich in vitamin A and B complex vitamins which help maintain healthy soft tissues, teeth, and functional retinas. You can also choose soy, rice or almond milks, which you can find in most local stores.
3. Brown rice. It has large quantities of vitamin E or tocopherol, very helpful in keeping a healthy skin. Brown rice also reduces the probabilities of having Parkinson’s disease.
4. Peppers. Such a great vitamin C provider! Peppers can prevent breathing diseases and scurvy.
5. Spinach. Consuming spinach on a regular basis increases your iron levels as well as B complex vitamins including folic acid.
6. Pumpkin. Its orange color indicates high levels of vitamin A. It also has antioxidants which keep a healthy skin, and preventing diseases like cataracts, premature aging and cancer.
7. Walnuts. This seed is rich in vitamins B and E, which improves the integumentary system (skin, muscles, nerves, hair, and nails). It is an important source for selenium and zinc.
8. White meat and fish. Chicken and fish are a fine source for B complex vitamins, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Fish will also provide daily vitamin D requirements which regulates phosphorus and calcium blood levels.
9. Tuna. Besides its flavor, tuna has high levels of vitamin K, an important nutrient needed to regulate bone metabolism and improve coagulation.
10. Oranges. This fruit is a great source of vitamin C. One orange a day provides the daily requirements your body needs.
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