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Ideas for a Date

May 10, 2014
Category Couple

Most of the time, our daily routine doesn’t allow for as much time off as we would hope for. And many of us have very specific habits that in the long term can become boring....

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A Nice Day at the Beach

January 10, 2014
Category Spirit
yoga classes

If you have the privilege of living near the beach or if you go on vacation near a beach area, you surely know how much it revitalizes you. No matter if you are alone, with your partner or family, you can always have a great day!

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Why Choose Organic Food?

November 25, 2013
Category Nutrition
happiness and yoga

Feeling good and willing to be in shape are not modern trends anymore; they are reachable goals if you workout, have willpower, and watch what you eat. Organic food is a great choice to go ...

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