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Why Yoga will improve your sex life? July 14, 2014

 Sexuality and Yoga
For a long time when hearing the word Yoga, many people had imagined men with long beards in strange positions. This discipline has spread much more in recent times and now it brings to mind the image of healthy people and fit bodies. Yoga is also a good alternative to improve your sex life and here are some reasons.
Flexibility. Need further explanation? You can find new positions with your partner and try new moves. If you have been for a while with your partner, this alternative will made more interesting your intimate moments for sure.
Confidence. And what it is related? Being naked in front of another person, make many people feel embarrassed or insecure about their bodies. Yoga works your whole body along with your mind and spirit, making you stronger and gaining confidence in yourself and your look.
Lowers stress. Everyday problems, job or home stress and even traffic, create a strong sense of tension and anxiety within us. By practicing Yoga regularly, the muscles get relaxed, you stay fit and you also will work the pelvic muscles. Definitely, you won’t get tired a few minutes.
Adventure. Yes, that simple. Yoga aligns the chakras and makes the energy flow within your being. If the chakras are aligned and working well together, you'll have more pleasant and vibrant sex. You'll be much more satisfied and with a smile upon your face, and of course, your partner will be very pleased.
Sensuality. Surely you are wondering, how Yoga can make me feel sexy? If you practice on a regular basis, you begin to have more contact with your body. You begin to be more aware of your body, finding new places where you boost your senses and you can improve in bed, for your own benefit and for your mate’s pleasure.
Mula Bandha. What's that? Possibly you have heard about the Kegel exercises for the pelvic muscles and specially the pubococcygeus muscle. These exercises are recommended in sex therapy and tantra. Mula Bandha is a set of exercises that develops this area and will bring better and stronger orgasms.
To improve your sex life through yoga just need yourself. Begin exercising and you will see results soon, making your sex more intense and above all, bringing a better relationship with your partner. For sure, he or she will begin to be interested in your progress and soon will be practicing Yoga.
Picture by Albert Yam.