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Wii Yoga June 2, 2014

Wii Yoga

Wii Yoga
If you already have the Wii Fit Plus then you know that one of the activities it includes is Yoga. If you don’t, then surely you’ll want to get one once you have read the benefits of Wii Yoga.
If you’ve ever wondered what a Yoga class is like, or if you just haven’t built up the nerve to go to one, this is the perfect way of discovering what all the fuss is about. Wii Yoga was designed to improve your postures and tone your muscles with the help of a virtual instructor whose goal is to guide you and give helpful tips and suggestions.
What does the Wii Fit Plus Yoga program include?
- Several tutorials with model Anja Rubik that show basic notions on Yoga
- A Training Mode from which you can access any of the 30 Yoga exercises available
- A Routine Mode where you can create your own program
- A History Mode where you can visit a hindu temple or Yogshala, along with a virtual guide. The visit includes all different levels of the temple with explanations on Yoga history, its different types, suggestions for a better and healthier life and stops in front of different doors where you can choose to do or not the Yoga exercises associated with it. If you decide to do them, your guide and instructor will show you in detail how to perform them while you watch and even change the angle of the camera in order to get a better view.
With the help of the Wiimote and the Wii Balance Board, your virtual instructor will be able to tell you if you are doing the exercises correctly. You will also be seeing an indicator in the form of lungs, telling you when to breathe and when to exhale.
The great thing about Wii Yoga is that you can combine the exercises with the Strength Training using My Wii Fit Plus, improve your balance with the Balance Games and warm up to an Aerobics session. At the end of your Wii Yoga class, don’t forget to take 5 minutes to relax.
Picture by: Roger Mommaerts