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Music for Yoga practice June 11, 2014

Yoga Music

Although many people prefer practicing Yoga in silence, many experts recommend listening to music while exercising this art because it enhances your meditative state. So the question should be, what type of music should I use in my Yoga sessions?
In order to make a decision, the first thing you should ask yourself is what is the rhythm of your sessions. If your movements are slow and focused, then your music should have the same relaxed rhythm. In this case, we suggest instrumental music performed with string instruments like a cello or a sitar, or with wind instruments like a flute. Natural sounds like the gentle flow of water in a river is also a great option.
If on the contrary your session is more physical with quick movements and transitions between asanas, then your music should be more intense. We suggest chants and half time rhythms, even pop music as long as it doesn’t distract you.
Many beginners choose to use the internet as a source of inspiration. The great advantage is that you can access prerecorded playlists, listen to them and decide which best suits your needs. It is also a great way to get to know songs, chants and performers that you wouldn’t have been able to listen to otherwise. Remember to be flexible with yourself. If the music you are listening to at any given time, doesn’t do it for you, just go on to the next one. In time you will be able to make your own playlists that suit your personal sessions and rhythms.
And having said all this, don’t forget that in general Yoga instructors choose instrumental music above any other, and that music should not become the force that guides your movements but an instrument that helps you concentrate.
Picture by: Ana Grillo