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​Vegetarianism, Myths and Realities December 4, 2013

Vegetarian myths
Vegetarianism, Myths and Realities
The number of people willing to go on a vegetarian diet grows faster every day. If you are thinking of trying this kind of diet, remember that many popular beliefs against it are far from real.
1. A vegan diet is hard to follow. Of course you will need some willpower to keep going, especially if you’re a meat enthusiast, but with some discipline you will get there.
2. Vegans need supplements. Many vegans don’t need any kind of additional vitamins. If you’re about to change your diet you can check with your doctor your dietary needs and the best way to get all the nutrients.
3. Children and pregnant women shouldn’t switch to a vegan diet. This lifestyle is safe for everyone. However, you can ask your doctor which nutrients you need most and what your dietary needs.
4. A vegan diet is low in protein and calcium. Many seeds and vegetables have high protein levels, its only a matter of eating the correct amount according to your dietary needs. Spinach is a good source of calcium, but if necessary you can add a supplement to your diet.
If you find yourself constantly tired while following a strict vegan diet, maybe you should make changes slowly or follow another diet where you can eat eggs, dairy, or even white meat.
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